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can you pick up bird feathers

can you pick up bird feathers

A few months back, the feds busted a black market ring on my tribes reservation in SD because a group of guys were poaching eagles and selling their feathers to a fence in Rapid City who was then selling the feathers to other natives (who didn’t know what was going on) for various uses. How majestic they are. Yeah, it’s called the ‘Migratory Bird Treaty Act’ because it’s a Treaty. What if the Canada Goose is from Canada? Any rule that makes a little girl cry has to be a bad rule. They Want to take away are Right to own Like seriously, how? To accept this situation is wrong and should be opposed. The USA is a nation very similar in most ways to the other constitutional democracies of the world. .. ever fired a Black powder rifle? If we, as Natives find feathers on the ground, we take it as a gift and sign/message of some kind. As for the legal aspect, yes, it IS enforced. Just my humble opinion. Unfortunately the laws are made to protect birds from being slaughtered by bird murderous assholes who greedy want to profit.birds are sacred to me.all lives matter. It is illegal to pick up the feathers of endangered or protected species of birds. its pretty sad that a child can’t pick a pretty feather up out of the yard without being accused of shooting it. Noltz is an idiot. Place bird on grill and cook until medium rare. Another county employee who doesn’t come up to my floor very often saw them the other day and told me I could get fined, so I came here to check. The law is ridiculous. give me a break!!!!!!!! You too have the ‘right’ to be a moron that everyone is out to get the birds. So it’s already illegal to kill the birds… making a harmless activity like picking up discarded feathers illegal just cause investigators can’t tell the difference sounds like a problem for the investigators and a basic violation of the spirit of freedom. They treat the animals horribly, e en the baby chicks. Some are rarer than others. I may have to watch it closer now. we have a hawk the will catch birds in mid-flight near the bird feeder in the back yard…the mid-air impact leaves a circle of feathers on the ground…so you are saying i can’t pick up a feather in my own yard?….seriously? Would like to know how we are to PROTECT OUR SELVES FROM THESE EVIL PEOPLE OR A DANGEROUS ANIMAL ? just because we pick up a feather out of the yard doesn’t mean we poached the bird. I don’t smoke, but it would seem like something nicer would be in order anyway. Most non native bird species have no laws around then it their feathers, but again that’s most so do your research. that is ridiculous. We fear that once the homes go in and the property values rise that we might not be able to afford the taxes. Explain to her that many sacred bird species to many Native American tribes are now extinct due to these reasons and that these native people are unable to use them for ceremonial reasons due to these extinctions, helping to break down and destroy cultures along with multiple species of bird. Because of this law, you may want to stop adding to your feather collection. And how are they to know you didn’t kill the bird, pluck it, and throw that feather on the ground prior to recording? I am working on making a list of all the bird species that visit or live there. Verifying the name of the hunter who killed the goose is easily traced through records as well as whether or not that hunter possessed a Federal Waterfowl Stamp to take a goose. My kid has a right to a bicycle. The circle of life continues. Please don’t breed. Born for Pets is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Unless you’re saying it sneaks out at night while I’m sleeping to cause mass murder? After seeing one land in our hayfield and then fly up onto the power pole in the center of the field I was thinking how cool it would be to find one of their feathers one day. For all I care, go drink yourself into oblivion. Yes, for someone who just happens to find a feather on the ground it’s all very excessive. It is difficult to regulate. At on time the greater Canada was thought to be extinct. So many so big. But we’re dealing with an animal endemic to North America, and a symbol of the United States at that, that was almost extinct because of the way humans were interacting with the environment. to keep the right wing of the downed birds until you arrive at home and the game is placed into the fridge or freezer or eaten. In fact those areas lead the country in firearm violence. Criminals unfortunately will not follow the laws. You too have the ‘right’ to be a moron that everyone is out to get the birds. Deer can be poached, better outlaw deer hunting. The word “democracy” appears nowhere in our constitution. But the fact is if the are detached from the bird and no one killed for it, It’s like me shedding hair, Birds lose their feathers we are slightly over board don’t touch feather but kill baby bears in their dens how sick is that really. This is dangerous and is likely to cause you to fall ill assuming there are bad bacteria on the feathers. While the details of the urban legend may be exaggerated, it is in fact illegal to collect certain bird feathers thanks to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act of 1918. But it was all we could do to fight to hold on to the 1/3 that my husband managed to keep. I’ve never thought much about their possibly being laws against taking fallen feathers. With that line of thinking, everything fun would end up being illegal eventually. get real. And tell her that even native people have no right to collect these feather any more than she does, they must be obtained through appropriate and legal cultural trade. There come back was getting DDT out of the envoroment. He is saying that this law is too strickt. In the right season in the right spot u can find a whole birds amount of feathers on the ground.hunters could say they found the feathers instead the truth they hurt the bird. Now I have to explain to her that some bad people would kill birds to get their feathers so this law has to be here to protect the birds and reassure her that of course she is not a bad person for wanting to pick up a feather that’s just laying on the ground. While it’s important to ask questions such as “Is it safe to pick up bird feathers?”, you can keep things simple and just ignore the bird feathers entirely! (And How To Keep…, How To Get Rid Of Bird Mites On My Bird (And Which…, Best Bird Harness For Your Bird (And Which One to Buy! The Eagle Feather Law allows the collection of Golden Eagle and Bald Eagle feathers for religious purposes by Native Americans. NOT randomly waved about at public powwows and such as something to flaunt and be like “look what I got”. They cant tell the difference???? Is it illegal to have blue jay, American Robin, and mockingbird feathers? Look the higher powers gifted me my gifts of weaving if you don’t like it talk to the greater spirit. Not true! It is to be kept safe and secure at all times. Buy a hunting license. As non-Native people, I honestly have no issue with the picking up of NATURALLY fallen/shed feathers but I do strongly advise legal caution to protect yourself. I wish it was legal to find feathers on ground from shedding season.i like harm free feathers.but poachers are evil and greedy enough to abuse ways of obtaining birds, Take a video of yourself picking it up off the ground.. then weather or not you harmed the animal would not be in question. Farm-raised domestic geese, which are also slaughtered for food. I’m gonna grab a kids bike left on anyones front lawn, and I don’t give a shit if it’s illegal. Anyone who wishes to honor the death of birds with ceremony or crafting of sacred items like medicine shields and other american indian artifacts may surely do so. Your just as bad as the poachers. I will never purchase anything with down again. I collect feathers that are on the ground, I have no idea who they once belonged to. Look at trump. If you live in the US, then your feather collecting falls subject to the Migratory Bird Act of 1918, and several follow up acts.

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