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curried sweet potato and chickpea patties

curried sweet potato and chickpea patties

I have read that ground black pepper makes Turmeric much more accessible to the digestive system (check this out) so I always add a big pinch to recipes that call for Turmeric. Thank you for the feedback! made his today and all i can say is yum, Chickpea Flour Recipes That Will Amaze You - The Hidden Veggies, […] Curried Sweet Potato Chickpea Patties from Cupful of Kale […]. Also… there’s no such thing as more than enough sweet potato recipes :P. Do you need to precook the sweet potatoes?? Check the sweet potatoes are soft all the way through, if not cook for a few more minutes. Thanks, This sounds delicious with that sauce though! So, I’m thinking it is really a win, win, win! Can I use bread crumbs in place of the oatmeal? Oh heck yeah. Curried Sweet Potato Chickpea Burgers are made with turmeric, curry, and cumin then topped with a creamy tahini cilantro sauce. I may need to take a few cooking classes before I attempt making any classics but for now I’m happy to get some of those delicious spices in burger form. (vegan + gluten-free). Add the mashed chickpeas, onion and spices, flax eggs, chopped coriander, chickpea flour and nutritional yeast. You could also just leave it out, just just wont stick together as well :) xo. My kitchen get so hot with the oven on that I like to grill. Let me know if you come up with something else! Mix in the curry paste and coriander with the green beans and scallions, then mix in the egg and flour. I need this for lunch right now! Plus they taste good, duh. Pop them in for 10-15 minutes at 150C/300F. My husband does not love veggie burgers – but eating plant based, he puts up with them. 1 flax egg = 1 tbsp flaxseed mixed with 2.5 tbsp water. I’ve also been on the hunt for more recipes with turmeric. I know turmeric milk is having a moment right now but I haven’t had a chance to try any yet. I’m such a fan of veggie burgers – they’re just like little patties of health!! :), Oh my goodness, these look amazing Sarah and are precisely what I’m craving for lunch (how did you know?). Next add the sweet potato, cilantro, and garlic in the food processor and pulse for about 15 seconds, until finely chopped. Let me know in the comments or tag me on Instagram @cupfulofkale. 1 medium size potato). Or would you try grilling it? Next add the onion and spice mix, mashed chickpeas, flax egg, chickpea flour, nutritional yeast and coriander. Score! My freezer stash of veggie burgers is at zero! Thanks Kelli! Print Ingredients. Take a tbsp of the patty mixture, roll into a bowl and press down gently to form a patty shape. I love seeing all your photos of my recipe recreations! Copyright © 2020 Cupful of Kale | Trellis Framework by Mediavine, Suma Organic Chick Peas 400 g (Pack of 12), Linwoods Organic Milled Flaxseed, 425 g - Pack of 2, SET OF 6 STAINLESS STEEL 17CM BALTI DISHES - INDIAN SERVING DISHES - CURRY NIGHT - Fast Dispatch by Prima, 2 medium sweet potatoes (1.5 cups, mashed). For ease, this recipe calls for a tin of chickpeas but you can soak and cook them if you’d rather. You should be able to press the mixture between your fingers and have it hold together. Allow to cool for 5-10 minutes. While they’re baking you can make the cilantro sauce by throwing everything in the food processor again. After a few minutes add crushed garlic and cook for a couple more minutes. I was worried they might be too mushy with the cooked sweet potato but I’m glad to know it works well and that your husband loves them too. GET MORE VEGAN RECIPES SENT STRAIGHT TO YOUR INBOX – SUBSCRIBE HERE . That cilantro tahini sauce just puts this over the top… (ps: never enough sweet potatoes ;-). I think replacing the tahini with Greek yogurt would be tasty. I completely agree. Your email address will not be published. Hi, I’m Tamsin! I love a good veggie burger recipe! Time to change that! Use certified GF chickpea flour if needed. Beautiful ingredient choices and I love the little lettuce bed you made for them – perfect. I’m Sarah and this is where I share my journey creating simple and seasonal plant-based recipes. :). Would love to know if it works out, Tamsin xo, YUM, Dissolve tamarind paste in hot vegetable broth and add to pan. Add sweet potatoes and stir until well covered in spices. NEVER MISS A RECIPE! With these Curried Chickpea Burgers we’re using a few of the more common ones: cumin, curry and turmeric. However a raita (cucumber yoghurt sauce) would also be delicious! Please let me know how it turned out by leaving a comment below or sharing a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #makingthymeforhealth. Using your hands, form the mixture into 6 separate patties. Can you grill it? I love veggie burgers! At Cupful of Kale you’ll find mostly healthy, always vegan and easy to follow recipes! I’m always looking for new veggie burger recipes. Nancy, Hey Nancy! Sorry, I have a bad habit of using that word at inappropriate times. After that all you have to do is form it into separate patties and bake in the oven for 30 minutes. Thanks Jo! :). i haven’t had a veggie burger in forever! Lightly spiced curried sweet potato and chickpea patties. As an Amazon Associate and member of other affiliate programs, I earn from qualifying purchases. These patties would make a great side to one of these curries: Also check out one of my most popular recipes if you love sweet potato and chickpeas: If you want to make these ahead of time you can either leave the mixture in the fridge or fry them and warm them up in the oven before you want to eat them. I made 10, but you could make them smaller. Leave some whole for added texture. Fry for a few minutes on each side until golden brown. I can never get enough sweet potatoes, and adding chickpeas and Indian spices only makes things better! I was shocked. That’s on my to-do list! Drain the chickpeas and mash with the back of a fork in a bowl until roughly mashed, you can leave some whole for texture. 2 medium sweet potatoes (1.5 cups, mashed) 1 red onion 2 garlic cloves 1 tbsp medium curry … Whilst they’re cooking we fry onion and garlic and then add the spices. Transfer it to the large bowl along with the chickpea mixture then stir everything together until well combined. Pierce the sweet potatoes and then place on a microwavable plate in the microwave on high for 10 minutes. They’re perfect to prep for quick and healthy lunches or dinner. These patties are a great way to get your veggies in and are packed with flavour! You can grill them on a grill pan. Spoon 6 x ¼-cup measures … Really though, veggie burgers are a way of life for me. Or if you have something you can place on top of your grill that should also work. Once the sweet potato is cooked, carefully remove the skins. ;). Bring on all the veggie burgers! Baking allows them to hold together better and also omits the need for any oil. I’d be interested to hear what else might work with them. In a food processor, combine the chickpeas, oats, jalapeno, spices and lemon juice. The chickpeas get mashed with a back of the fork. I love cooking with whole foods that give me the energy to keep up with an active lifestyle. Learn how your comment data is processed.

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