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ielts writing task 1 vocabulary

ielts writing task 1 vocabulary

This vocabulary section aims to help you learn all the vocabularies, phrases and words you need to know and use in your Academic writing task 1 to achieve a higher band score. What will be assessed by the examiner? Caution: Never copy word for word from the question. 3. b) How accurately and appropriately you have used words/ phrases while presenting the graph(s) as a report.Tips: Do NOT use words/ phrases that are already given in the question. Hello Asif! 2. 4. Depending on the task suggested, your letter writing will be assessed on your ability to: • Engage in personal correspondence _______________ non EU migrants _____________ slightly over 200,000 by September 2017. The total number of cars produced in Japan last year stood at around 9 million, outnumbering the USA (7 million). » Approximately» Nearly» Roughly» Almost» About» Around» More or less» Just over» Just under» Just around» Just about» Just below» A little more than» A little less than. 3. Copyright © 2013 - 2020 IELTS Mentor. To denote numbers use other verbs/nouns like increase. Thanks for providing these contents for the IELTS exam. 5. The question asks you to write a report and summarise the data presented in graphs(s). Academic IELTS Writing Task 1 question requires you to use several vocabularies to present the data given in a pie/ bar/ line/ mixed graph or to describe a process or a flow chart. 2. ‘The number of people living in London has risen to around 10 million since 1970’, ‘The number of users on Facebook last year reached around 2 billion, outnumbering Twitter which stood at 1.5 billion users.’. Because that's my weakest point in the IELTS examination. 4. Rather pick 5-7 most significant and important trends/ changes and show their comparisons and contrasts. Can you check my writing sample and give feedback and band score? The figures for people leaving the UK before and after Brexit were almost equal. 1. Is it possible to get a 7.5 band within the stipulated time? 24% = Almost a quarter. The changes of car production in Japan shows a palpitation for the second quarter of the year. 5. Love it!!!! To achieve a high band score you need to use a variety of vocabulary as well as sentence formations. It is advisable that you learn synonyms and use them accurately in your writing in order to give the impression that you can use a good range of vocabulary. 3. The chart gives information about consumer expenditures on six products in four countries namely Germany, Italy, Britain and France. 77% = Approximately three quarter, more than three-quarter. 1. The price of the oil moderately increased during the last quarter but as a consequence, the price of daily necessity rapidly went up. moderate / gradual / progressive /  sequential. By using our website and services, you agree to our use of cookies. To get a good score in IELTS writing task 1 academic, you need to have a good range of grammar and vocabulary. In GT IELTS Writing Task 1, you will be asked to respond to a given problem with a letter requesting information, explaining a situation and so on. (Note that this is for practice purposes only and not official Cambridge IELTS material. 4. As an overall trend, the number of crimes reported increased fairly rapidly until the mid-seventies, remained constant for five years and finally, dropped to 20 cases a week after 1982. 3. ", Just after you finish writing your 'Introduction' (i.e. Thank you for your effort!!! Coal exports in The USA outnumbered steel exports throughout the whole period. Try the exercise below and then check your answers. 16% = A small minority, a small portion. What = the percentages of teachers...Where = three Australian schools...When  = from 2001 to 2005... A good General statement should always have these parts. unchanged / level out / remain constant / remain steady / plateau / remain the same / remain stable / remain static, a steadiness/ a plateau / a stability/ a static, an upward trend / an upward tendency / a ceiling trend, a downward trend / a downward tendency / a descending trend. The overall sale of the company increased by 20% at the end of the year. Tips: 1. 2. This vocabulary … This is a good way to paraphrase a date range especially in the overview where it is best to avoid numbers or details, so rather than writing for instance, ‘from 2000 to 2010’ you can write: In a graph with a time period, If I want to talk about the first year I can write ‘at the start of the period’ and for the last year I can write ‘at the end of the period’, Here are 2 charts from BBC news stories about migration from the UK and people arriving and leaving before and after Brexit. I Highly recommend it. Percentages: 10% increase, 25 percent decrease, increased by 15%, dropped by 10 per cent, fall at 50%, reached to 75%, tripled, doubled, one-fourth, three-quarters, half, double fold, treble, 5 times higher, 3 timers lower, declined to about 49%, stood exactly at 43%. The number of EU migrants rose steadily from December 2012 to June 2016. Non-EU migrants outnumbered EU migrants throughout the whole 10 year period. In the general exam you need to write a letter such as an invitation to a friend, a complaint, an apology, making an arrangement, an application or something informative like a newsletter. Free tips, advice and lessons for IELTS writing, speaking, listening and reading. Car production in Japan numbered around 9 million units last year 3. Cars produced in Japan number around 9 million units at present 2. The amount of coal used in Australia doubled throughout the whole period. Tips: 1. EU migrants numbered around 90,000 in December 2012 and rose steadily until June 2016. 8. EU citizens who left the UK in the 12 months following the vote numbered 123,000. To demonstrate that you have a great lexical resource, you need to: » Use correct synonyms in your writing.» Use a range of vocabulary.» Do not repeat words and phrases from the exam question unless there is no alternative.» Use less common vocabulary.» Do not use the same word more than once/twice.» Use precise and accurate words in a sentence. Are you also preparing for IELTS? dramatic / rapid / sharp / quick / hurried / speedy / swift / significant / considerable / substantial / noticable. Hi Malika, sorry to bother you, but may I know where are you from and what bands are you working for? Learn more about our Cookie Policy & Privacy Policy. 2. 4. 73% = Nearly three quarters. 89% = A very large proportion. The figure for unemployment dropped to 5% in 2015. The number of cars produced in Japan totalled around 9 million last year 2. Grammatical Range and Accuracy: A) Uses a wide range of structures with full flexibility and accuracy. The population of the country dramatically increased in the last decade. Then you can surely crush this exam. My last result was 7.5, but I hope to increase it. Academic IELTS Writing Task 1 question requires you to use several vocabularies to present the data given in a pie/ bar/ line/ mixed graph or to describe a process or a flow chart. The figure for non-EU migrants amounted to slightly over 200,000 by September 2017. 4. The economic inflation of the country increased sharply by 20% in 2008. 3. Those words are: Number, Total, … The number of Non-EU citizens that arrived in the UK a year prior to Brexit outnumbered those for the period 12 months after Brexit. 2. Note that the grammar will need to be in the past tense here. However, if there are multiple graphs, DO NOT use 's' after the verb. How can I thank you??? The given pie charts represent the proportion of male and female employees in 6 broad categories, dividing into manual and non-manual occupations in Australia, between 2010 and 2015. 4. I need some advice and correction for writing. I think in the 4th example of introduction part there will be a depict rather than depicts as per the remark you had given i.e. This article will help you improve your score for IELTS Writing Task 1 vocabulary and grammar. Here are 2 examples: ‘Energy production in France comprised 6% hydro power and 24% nuclear power in 2010′ ‘In 2010, hydro power and Nuclear power accounted for 6% and 24% of Energy production in France respectively, 1. Use 'improve' / 'an improvement' to describe a situation like economic condition or employment status. Overall, more people arrived in the UK prior to Brexit compared to the year after the vote, according to the figures. 5. There was a sharp drop in the industrial production in the year 2009. The IELTS academic exam writing task 1 consists of 6 types of charts such as process diagrams, maps, bar charts, pie charts, tables or line graphs.

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