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mixing fertilizer calculator

mixing fertilizer calculator

After pressing Submit for approval, you have the option to upload a picture of a fertiliser label so the reference can be checked prior to adding the fertiliser to the database. Calculate the Nutrient Content of Your Fertilizer. For actual solubility, contact the manufacturer for details. This Fertiliser Calculator compares the nutrient content of more than 1500 commercially-available fertilisers. Alternatively, the Quick Calculator allows you to select one fertiliser from a list of products or a custom blend with no login required. You can account for the quantity of nitrogen from a water source by entering it as a custom product. The price entered will not be included as this may be different for each user. To convert these to the single elements K, P, Ca and Mg, multiply: Select the appropriate Amount in kilograms (kg) or tonnes, (t) for solid or prilled fertiliser or litres (L) for liquid fertiliser. Amnat-Charoen Province The contribution of N from water will be displayed in kg/ha. I release DAFWA from all such liability. Enter the area of the crop and the units of the area entered to be able to calculate the program in a per area basis. Once you have finished entering all the fertiliser applications, press Close to save the planting and View to save and see a summary of the information entered. Thailand 37000, CropIn Technology Solutions Private Limited, Cookies help us deliver our services. Have only these in your farm + "Fertilizer Mixed Calculators" is enough for any plant you do. A shortened version of the URL, helpful when communicating the URL over email or verbally. Application rates and possible nutrient … Larger amounts of the macro-nutrients nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K), magnesium (Mg), calcium (Ca) and sulphur (S) are required compared with levels of micro-nutrients including zinc (Zn), iron (Fe), boron (B), manganese (Mn), molybdenum (Mo), copper (Cu) and chlorine (Cl). By ticking Submit for approval, a notification will be sent to the site administrator requesting the new fertiliser be added to the system. Press the Submit button once again and the details will be sent to the system administrator. Using a soil test report and six simple steps, this spreadsheet calculates the amount of fertilizer to be applied to a specific area. Farm management app used by thousands of growers to keep digital farm records, Farm Management and Farm Accounting APP. Specify the rate of the fertiliser applied by selecting square metre, acre or hectare. Each mm of water applied equates to 1L per square metre. Once the details are confirmed, the nutrient content of this fertiliser will appear in the product list for both the Quick Calculator and the full system. For example, if your water contains 14mg/L, enter 14 into table. To help make the Fertiliser Calculator more comprehensive for other farmers, tick the box Submit for approval before pressing the Add button below. A simple method to test the compatibility of fertilisers is to mix a small batch at the intended ratio in a container, stir and leave uncovered. The amount of fertiliser applied, nutrient content and cost of fertiliser all contribute to the performance of the crop and may alter profitability. To the maximum extent permitted by law, DAFWA excludes all liability, in negligence and otherwise, resulting directly or indirectly from me using this site or any other material in it. Table 2 shows the solubility of some common fertilisers. At the bottom of the page is a summary for the full program entered. Specify if it is a liquid or solid product by using the drop down menu under ‘Form’. The amount for the area of the crop and the amount as a rate per hectare are displayed in the summary for each week and as a total for the planting. You can use it to: Calculate the weight of fertilizer materials to supply the amounts of N, P 2 O 5, and K 2 O recommended by a soil test report. This tab allows development of more detailed and personalised fertiliser schedules. A demonstration crop has been planted as an example in the Dashboard tab, Note: weight/weight for solids and weight/volume for liquids. If there is more than one application, you can use the Copy to previous (↑ button). Although DAFWA tries to obtain and collate accurate and detailed information about fertilisers from different manufacturers, it does not make any representations or warranties about its accuracy, reliability, completeness and I should not make significant decisions in reliance on those results but should weigh them with other information and obtain updated professional advice relevant to my circumstances.

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