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standard shipping box sizes in cm

standard shipping box sizes in cm

Almost all types of items can be shipped in corrugated boxes and are used for heavier items that cannot be held in cartons or rigid boxes. What is the Standard Cardboard Shipping Boxes Sizes? On the other hand, corrugated is made using two liner boards with a corrugated medium glued between the liners. There’s a cost involved in printing shipping boxes with their logo and company, moreover, they have to be careful of the cardboard sizes and weight to avoid additional surcharges. Self-assembly box designed to hold a single reel of magnetic tape, small documents, catalogs, file folders, videotapes and CDs; Mark the 'FedEx Box' box in Section 5 of the International Air Waybill. The smooth interior and exterior surfaces ensure that the product is stored snugly and makes for a convenient surface to print brand logos and message. The postage rate will be based on the package weighing 20 lbs instead of the actual weight. Can You Put Cardboard Pizza Box in the Oven? . We have therefore developed our own range of ready-to-use, self-sealing packaging in a choice of shapes and sizes. It is typically used to transport lightweight products such as shoes, canned items, clothes, linens, etc. We have updated our list of supported web browsers. ECT of the corrugated board measures the stacking strength or the pressure a box can hold before being crushed. It’s used to pack business and personal records, letters, folders, etc. For larger documents or other compact items. An oversized box for a small item will incur your unnecessary shipping charges for the space it takes, whereas a small box could damage the product while shipping. Shipping boxes made from corrugated cardboard are a great option to ship fragile and heavy items. It is typically used to make consumer item packages such as cereal boxes, and other cartons. Internal measurements: Height 27.6 cm, Width 31.1 cm, Depth 3.8 cm. For most people, used cardboard boxes are the typical choice of containers to ship, move or store their belongings. Over 1,650 packing boxes for sale. If you are shipping Priority Mail packages to USPS zones 5-9, you may be subjected to the USPS dimensional weight charges. For e-commerce companies, a significant amount of money and advertising effort is put into shipping boxes. Here’s a guide to help you choose the right shipping box for your items. And they are all available free of charge when you give your shipments to FedEx*. ‘B’ flute is nearly 3.2mm thick is primarily designed for products that are self-secured such as canned items. The Mullen value, on the other hand, determines the amount of pressure a box can take before bursting out being punctured. They are typically sold in rolls, which is used to wrap products for cushioning and prevent shipping damages. Its dimension is 16″ x 12″ x 12″. Triple-Wall boxes have the highest value hence has the highest compressive strength. Often used for books, magazines, and other printed material, the box is simply a sheet of corrugated cardboard which can be folded from four sides to make a package. If L * W * H is more than 1728, divide it by 194 and round up to the next whole number and you have the dimensional weight in pounds. Length - Longest side with a flap. Although some company does create custom boxes for a particular product, most cardboard shipping boxes have a standard size. Oddly shaped packages are measured in a relatively different way as its length, width and height cannot be determined accurately. For everyday consumers, cardboard box sizes don’t really matter much and don’t affect them financially. Narrow by Length, Style, Color. What Size Are UPS Boxes? Or, you could go with a general rectangular shipping box which can then be filled with peanuts and other polystyrene foam padding for protection. It is approximately 4mm thick with a slightly thicker board containing 38 flutes per foot unlike the 47 per foot in ‘B’ flute. Rigid boxes much stronger and can hold a lot of weight and can maintain its structural integrity even under high pressure. For designer items, you could use a UV-treated, high-gloss coating box that keeps its contents secure as well as gives a striking appearance. Cardboard box sizes are typical to the shipping and e-commerce industry only. The ‘dimensional weight’ is applied only to the Priority Mail items that are larger than one cubic foot. Bill Sender, Consignee or Third Party and Single Piece shipments only. Total weight (including contents, documentation and packaging) must not exceed 2.5 kg. Cardboard boxes are not generally used for shipping items, as they don’t provide the needed structural strength. The charges are applied based on the mail class, weight, size, and distance traveled. Along with the box size, keep a note of the type of the box, labeling, structure, weight capacity, etc. Postage charges are applied to the weight of the package; however, if the package is larger than the item it contains, the package may get charged for space it takes during transportation. The size typically depends on the e-commerce companies who custom order boxes of particular sizes based on their needs. Tick the 'FedEx Envelope' box in Section 5 of the International Air Waybill. If you are entering into the e-commerce business, you must know about the corrugated boxes you will be used for shipping your products. If you are shipping a package using Parcel Select or Priority Mail to a destination in USPS zones 1-4, then you could be subjected to balloon rate. 1 cubic foot boxes are also called a file box. You can do your part by reviewing our tips on how to pack and following our detailed packaging guidelines. Tear- and water-resistant, oversized envelope intended for shipping heavier documents that require additional protection. This box is typically used to pack small but heavy items such as power tools, books, canned products, CDs, records, etc. Internal measurements: Height 31.4 cm, Width 45.4 cm, Depth 7.6 cm. The postage rate is applied based either on the actual weight or the dimensional weight in pounds, whichever is greater. Self-sealing box designed for customers who ship items internationally where the A-4 style is preferred. Large boxes exceed UPS Drop Box size limitations and should be taken to a staffed retail location. A fixed rate via FedEx International Priority Service up till 10 kg. It is also called as Double Face corrugated cardboard. What Are the Different Cardboard Types and Its Usage. Its dimension is. Shipping Details: Medium and small boxes are accepted at UPS Drop Box locations.

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