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time devourer chrono cross

time devourer chrono cross

Since the Dream Devourer has 32000 HP, which is close to the signed 16-bit integer limit, it is actually possible to defeat it by healing it. Still, this stance does not explain why Lavos did not take the liberty of evolving several other creatures to increase chances of favorable DNA harvesting. On an initial playthrough; this is only possible after Terra Tower has fallen. In binding with Schala, perhaps it got the first taste of emotion and self realization ever. When you see it do an action that looks like Lavos Core raising its defense, it has started the second phase. Given the extreme nature of the Time Devourer's power (it was on the verge of consuming all space-time), and the causes of the Time Devourer related to the Frozen Flame, the accident may explain why the Time Devourer's menace is so unique. Its very way of thinking has been drastically shifted, and in the chaos of the merged minds of Lavos and Schala, simply does not know what it is doing and is just lashing out with pure emotional turmoil. Chrono Cross is the sequel to Chrono Trigger, which was released for the Super Nintendo in 1995. Lavos may not have actually had true hate and sorrow, but perhaps from Schala's human mind and point of view it was the only way the concept could be translated. We know that human intelligence resulted directly from contact with the Frozen Flame. The idea seems to go against everything else it had done or been trying to accomplish before its defeat by Crono and Company. Schala will break free and quote a long speech concerning the struggle of evolving organisms. Perhaps with its first taste of emotion and feelings, this is what Schala viewed as Lavos' hate and sadness and its motive for revenge. Opposite to the first one, you will get this ending if you used the Chrono Cross to defeat the Time Devourer. Schala awoke long enough to tell Magus that his attempts were futile, and no power could be used to save her. As long as Serge does not free the Time Devourer with the Chrono Cross, there will be no future. Dream Devourer is a special boss that appears in Darkness At The End Of Time only in Chrono Trigger (DS). She admonished him to live out his life in other pursuits before the Dream Devourer would destroy everything. But keep in mind, this is now a Lavos different from before, with emotions and feelings. In the first phase, it will counter all physical attacks with Mana Reaper, which depletes your MP. But, even if Serge dies, the Time Devourer nesting at the darkness of time continues its fusion, the world will eventually destroyed. Use non-magical techs like Cleave, Frenzy, and Triple Kick. The Time Devourer (Chrono Cross) exists in the Darkness Beyond Time, where he can manipulate events in every dimension, universe and reality, including timelines that no longer exist. Lavos, a being of tremendous magic power, might benefit more from magic evolution than the evolution of normal cave apes. Though Lavos may have effectively used it as a backup plan in combining with Schala (and possibly Serge, if the "lost storyline" of Cross is true), the Time Devourer will still a being bent on revenge and desirous of destroying the entire universe, a plan contradicting its original role of procreation. Was the Frozen Flame a purposeful splinter? The battle with the Dream Devourer happens in two phases. One good party is Crono, Ayla or Robo, and Frog. If this is the case, the existence of the Flame may have been one of the factors which allowed Lavos to be defeated and the Time Devourer to be created, as opposed to all the other planets infested by Lavoids. If Lavos is just a creature trying to survive, why would it want to devour all of time and space thus killing itself and stopping what seemed to be its natural way. The actual battle, like most in Chrono Cross, isn't all that difficult though. It is truly unknown whether Lavos's eventual plan is to evolve into something capable of devouring space-time, and whether the Time Devourer was its grand plan after all, merely realized through a shortcut through binding with Schala at the Darkness Beyond Time. Now as much as I'd hate to pull this out I think it might be a good example for many to relate the concept to, but it strongly reminds me of the situation when the Phoenix entity was bonded with Jean Gray in the X-Men comics/cartoons (not the movie crap version where it was all just a split personality) . If one considers Lavos's plan to absorb species' DNA rather than inject them with his own for fear of retribution or "biological contamination", this scenario is attractive. Dream Devourer is a boss that appears in Darkness At The End Of Time in Chrono Trigger (DS).It is an early form of the Time Devourer.A Magus from the future (possibly an alternate one) and three members of Crono's team face it. Chrono Cross tells a winding story that weaves obscure elements from its predecessor with a near-incomprehensible plot that involves body switching, a genetically-enhanced AI, a clone/daughter hybrid, and more. One can also argue that the use of the Frozen Flame by an Arbiter might ultimately allow Lavos to achieve a higher life form, like the Time Devourer. Copyright © 2015 The Chrono Compendium In the second phase, Crono uses Frenzy, Ayla/Robo still attacks, and Frog heals or attacks. Was the Time Devourer an intentional creation from the original Lavos's perspective? Chrono Cross: The ultimate, long-lost Element of the seventh color attribute. Keeping with the mixing of the two, some of Lavos would mess with Schala's mind as well. So under the uniqueness of the situation, perhaps Lavos' only option was to try to bind to Schala to get as much as it could. Now Lavos couldn't just absorb her DNA alone as it would surely require more then that of one person, not to mention it was likely to already have the DNA of magic using Zeal time living humans.

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